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Should you get an electric scooter or a bike during Black Friday to get around town

Should you get an electric scooter or a bike during Black Friday to get around town

If you’re wondering which to get between an electric scooter or a bike this Black Friday, then just know that they are both great ways of getting around, each having their perks and disadvantages. Before we delve into the comparisons, have you figured out which electric scooter or bike you’d want to get, or you need help deciding? You should visit online outlets like decathlon hybrid bikes and other such companies to see the variety of products they have and which you would like to buy. It’s always important to read reviews based on consumer feedback before purchasing any item, especially from online stores where you don’t get to see what you purchased until it’s at your doorstep.

Electric scooter versus bike?

There are some pros and cons of both the bike and the electric scooter, and we’ll be looking at some these.


Electric scooters cost a lot more than bikes do, so even with Black Friday deals, the electric scooter will be more expensive than bikes. Although this depends on your budget and how much you’re willing to spend, if you’re looking to save up some money from the purchase, then bikes are your best bet. That’s one round for bikes. 

Comfort, bumps and road vibrations.

When it comes to comfort, I’m sure it’s a no-brainer that bikes are more comfortable as you’re seated when riding a bike, while you have to stand on a scooter (sometimes on just one foot). Even with the advanced electric scooters, road bumps and vibrations are more noticeable than on bikes that seem to have smooth motion over the bumps. That’s another round for bikes. 


Bikes are generally more stable than scooters mainly because of the larger tires. It is easy for a scooter’s tires to get stuck in potholes, even smaller ones, but bike tires are bigger, they may bump over potholes, but there’s no risk of falling into or getting stuck in them, especially the smaller ones. So, bikes win another round. 

Portable and easy to carry

Scooters are easier to carry around, for distances where you want to walk or take a break from riding whereas bikes are too large, you still have to wheel them while you walk. So, if you’re looking for something small and portable, then a scooter is what you should get. This round goes to the electric scooter. 

Source of power

Just like the name implies, an electric scooter depends on electricity to run, in this case, batteries, whereas a bike runs on nothing but your energy. So, when riding your bike, you’re not worried about the battery going flat or about money to replace the batteries. What’s more, your bike gives you a chance to work out if you don’t do so regularly. Another round goes to the bike. From the points above, we can infer that bikes are more practical for commuting whereas scooters are more for leisure. However, the choice is up to you. You can get whatever … Read More..

Fitness Bikes

Fitness Bikes

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How To Get Match And Have Fun Doing It With P90X

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